Roots and Wings

Life Skills Education,
Training and Coaching

What we do:

Today, the majority of our callers are looking for specific and practical direction.  They want to know how to navigate confusing situations that are just a part of normal living.   We offer our students creative solutions and coaching to help them identify the things that are within their power to change.  Together we work on setting realistic new goals.  Those who are willing to explore new ways of thinking and are prepared to take action are teachable.  when this willingness to learn joins with our passion to enlighten and encourage, good things happen!  People do become skilled at forming purposeful and productive new habits and see the value of living life on life's terms, by design rather than default, with joy and optimism

With new roots of security and strengthened wings of confidence, our students will be prepared to create a limitless 
future, free and beautiful like the butterfly.    

  • For Those Going Through Separation, Divorce & After: A safe place to learn and practice the new language of separation and divorce needed to sustain families in difficult times.
  • For Military Families Before and After Deployment: Non-clinical life skills education, training and supportive coaching for all family members to ease transitions.
  • This Too Shall Pass: Parenting Skills Training: For moms and dads of preschoolers, children 6-10 and "tweens".  Bring your challenges and develop logical consequences.  Learn the difference between discipline, a teaching tool and punishment from which little positive may be learned.
  • When Teens Want to Rule! Learn the essentials of parenting teenagers: Develop listening skills, negotiating strategies, set realistic expectations and formulate logical consequences.  Examine discipline versus punishment.
  • Saving Others/Drowning Ourselves: For parents of adult children who struggle with how much help to give their floundering offspring.  What do we "owe" our adult children?  Learn the difference between assisting and enabling.  How to say "No" without feeling guilty.
  • Career Development & Re-Careering Issues: Explore options and expectations.  Returning to work?  Turn the loss of a job or retirement into a new opportunity.  
  • How to Become Financially Accountable:  Learn how to establish financial goals and objectives, needs versus wants and approaches to overcoming debt.
  • The Process of Retirement: Explore the skills needed to enjoy the changes retirement brings.  Learn creative approaches to cultivating a new togetherness with those you love.  Planning for another career before retirement.
  • Dating Again: "When Harry met Sally, Susan met Jane and Jim met Bob".  It was a different world!  Mastering the Internet as a source of dating prospects.  Identify red flags that are that color for a reason!  Exploration of safety issues, boundaries and realistic expectations.
  • When Loved Ones Are Critically Ill:  Come and share your experience, strength and hope with others.
  • Values Clarification: Relationship Awareness Training:  Communication skill building for men and women in the home, school, business and community.
  • Grand Parenting:  Joys and challenges!  Realities and myths.  How to avoid resentments and unrealistic expectations.
  • Awareness Training & Skill Building: The Emerging Man or Woman in Recovery:  What it means to become comfortable in your own skin and deal successfully with life challenges along the way.
  • When Our Parents Can No Longer Manage On Their Own:  Issues of safety and preserving dignity while addressing changing needs.
  • How to Stay Sane In Today's Workplace:  Attitudes are contagious.  Make yours worth catching!  Learn how to be noticed as an individual while being part of a team.  How to maintain personal integrity in the face of a changing work environment.  Develop interpersonal skills and strategies for dealing with unexpected challenges vital to survival in today's job market.

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